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Tor Hill Gate Cottage

Design, Manufacture and installation of retail displays, events and exhibition stands


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Next Hi Summer 2017 Press Show

Stephen Sheppard

Following on from the Spring/Summer show for Next comes the Hi Summer show at One Belgravia. A slightly smaller venue and tight schedule but it all came together as planned for the one day show at the beginning of February.

Trying to bring the tropics to West London in February is a tough ask but I think we managed it. Three home pods and the beauty room set the tone downstairs with 3 different themes - Cuba, Horizons and Supernature which were brought together with the use of a few props to display the stunning Next homewear.

Up to the first floor and you were greeted with the "Swimming Pool" an area created using mirror mosaic, blue neon and water ripple lighting to transport you into summer for the display of the swimwear range on the mannequins and in the padded light boxes in the exterior pool walls.

 Around the rooms were the bespoke hanging rails previously used at One Marylebone, mannequin pods with split cube effect lighting to give an added sense of depth as well as higlighting the mannequins and then finally the meeting/cafe area with rear projection wall.

Next Spring/Summer 2017 press show

Stephen Sheppard

Installed in the former church and now event space, One Marylebone. The press show was an invite only event to promote the 2017 Spring/Summer ranges for Next. Designed by KSHT and all elements constructed by Sheppard Design, with directional lighting and projections by Ian Nolan Events.

The inspiration for the show was to taken from the english garden - flowers, cold frames and garden arbours.

The entrance was given impact with living walls either side of the key fashion pieces on mannequins, 3m cardboard cores were planted with ferns and ivys to give a hint of what was behind the graphic wall.

Light pods were constructed with polycarbonate sheeting and LED's to create a soft glowing light source to illuminate the accessories and fashion ranges. The hanging rails were made especially for this event with the intention to use them at future shows, they were designed in conjunction with KSHT and the idea was to create a folding rail that is easy to transport and store but still hasa sleek appearance with simple lines. This was created by keeping components to a minimum and with the addition of the concealed 12V lighting strip they create a strong contemporary impact and help to highlight the fashion ranges.

The arbour interpretations were installed to create the three homewares areas, the use of steel joints and chunky timber framed the zones and allowed the themes to have a link whilst also maintaining their individuality.

Plywood was used in the bar and social media areas to create a more organic feel, with the beautifully planted fresh flower troughs wrapping around the front of both bars to ensure that you knew that you should be thinking of warmer times and not of the cold November day that was outside. The two photo zones were well used to enable the press to upload their favourite pieces and create the buzz required.

Overall a very succesful show, now time to start planning the next one.